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Environmental Committee
The District 6440 Environmental Committee shall champion protecting the environment by educating Rotarians and the public about environmental issues, and organize, coordinate and promote environmental service projects, grants and collaborations throughout the District. The Environmental Committee is a change agent, and as such will take action and effectively implement environmental solutions designed in collaboration with individuals and organizations representing the community in which Rotary serves. Rotarians and friends from all backgrounds are invited to join together to build environmental sustainability for everyone.
District 6440/6450 Leadership signed the 2024 Operation Pollination Compact at the Joint District Conference, April 20, 2024. (pictured from left to right: DGN Bonnie Sanchez-Carlson (6450),  DGND Rick Reigner (6440), DGN Marlene Frisbie (6440), DGE Thor Davidson (6440), DGND Mary Dankowski (6450), Suzanne Martinez (6440 Environmental Chair), Mary Onorad (6450 Environmental Chair), DG Mary Bak (6440), DG Conor Gee (6450).