COVID-19 Speaker Series
The Speakers Series engages local experts to educate about the COVID-19 vaccines and vaccinations with presentations and frequently asked question. The goal is to reach a large and diverse audience. Several of the presentations are in Spanish.
Recordings of all speakers may be viewed online at our COVID-19 Speaker Showcase.
English presentations:
1.  Dr. Stuart Marcus of Amita Health speaks about the history of the Pandemic and Amita’s experience, including having one of the country’s earliest identified patients.  He speaks about the effect on health care workers and about the science and research behind the vaccine and its development.
2.In Part 2, Dr. Stuart Marcus of Amita Health, speaks about common myths and misconceptions about the Covid Vaccine. 
3. Dr. James Keller an Ob-Gyn of Advocate Aurora Health speaks about ways to help boost one’s immunity, vaccine side effects, the virus variants and the vaccine safety in pregnancy
4. Dr. Ngozi Ezike, Director of Illinois Department of Public Health speaks of the challenges of getting Illinois vaccinated against the Covid-19 disease.  She discusses access and equity issues
5.  Dr. Damon Arnold, past Director of Illinois Department of Public Health and presently a Director at Blue Cross/Blue Shield discusses the populations affected by covid and the risk factors.  He also discusses the risks for transmission, compares the vaccines and speaks about the various variants.  He also discusses issues of access and equity in vaccine distribution
Spanish presentations:
1.  Raphael Malpicca from Advocate-Aurora Health, speaks about the local cases of covid and the numbers in the Hispanic community.  He also discusses prevention of Covid-19 and addresses the frequently asked questions about the vaccine.  
2. Dr. Elizabeth Perez of NorthShore Medical Center discusses the Covid Vaccine myths and the importance of obtaining the vaccination