2017 International Service Trips
Exciting news on International Service trips planned for this Rotary year for Rotarians from District 6440!
The Barrington Breakfast Rotary Club has a service trip, open to all Rotarians, to Santa Maria de Jesus (just outside Antigua) Guatemala for February 19 to February 27, 2017. For additional information, click on BBRC link on the International Service home page, left side.
The Buffalo Grove Rotary Club has two service trips planned, open to all Rotarians, to Ak’ Tenamit, Guatemala. The first trip is March 11 to March 19, 2017 and the second trip is March 25 to April 2, 2017.For additional information, click on the Buffalo Grove link on the International Service home page, left side. 
The Rotary Club of Glenview Sunrise has a trip to Guatemala in February to deliver textbooks as part of a Global Grant. See the trip info on the left side of this page.
and Cayman Islands travel together to visit the schools and deliver the textbooks personally to the students. - See more at: http://rotary6440.org/SitePage/international-service/glenview-sunrise-international-projects#sthash.FlYYge6N.dpuf
District Trip   
The District International trip was initially slated to head to Cusco Peru from March 24 to April 3, 2017. The project the District project was going take on was to be combined with a club trip that was slated to go to Cusco the following week. The two trips have now been combined into one, to maximize resources, and will travel to Cusco Peru on March 31, 2017.

Once arriving in Cusco, the team will return to Huayllay, the site of the District’s last project, where they will participate in work activities that will complete this year long project. When the District team began this project in 2016, in partnership with the Rotary Club Julio Delgado Cusco and the community leaders of the community, they were involved in the backbreaking work of the beginning stages of the construction which involved foundation work. For the past approximate 10 months, the local Rotary Club and the community of Huayllay have continued the work and when the District team heads down this year, it will be to work on the finishing touches of this community building!