Want to tell hundreds to thousands of qualified local businesspeople and community leaders why your Rotary club would be great for them – and get their names and contacts?
Our District 6440 has developed a new Membership Development Program to help clubs generate qualified member leads.  We’re offering this as a Pilot Program now, hoping that three or four clubs will participate, and expand it later to all District clubs.
The campaign places "Join Rotary" Internet ads on the computers, phones and tablets of hundreds-to-thousands of your local Chamber of Commerce members, once or twice per day for two months.  If someone clicks on it, they'll see a one-minute landing page video for your Rotary club where the club president summarizes your club and shows four or five pictures of your best service projects and fundraisers.  If interested, viewers click to enter their name, email address and phone -- and this lead goes directly to your Membership Chair. 
(We can make this work if there are two or three clubs in your suburb who participate together.)
To implement this, a participating club will do the following in January or early February:
  • Obtain their Chamber of Commerce member list, ideally in spreadsheet format.
  • Record the club president on a cellphone telling the club name, age, meeting time, location and some great projects over the years -- all within one minute.
  • Supply four or five photos of great service projects or fundraisers.
  • Supply the Membership Chair’s email address to receive membership leads.
  • Upload all this into a program we supply.
We’ll take it from there and run your Internet ads for the next two months.  Your designated membership person should respond to any leads ASAP.
Clubs will typically pay $750 to participate in this Membership Development Program.  (A handful of clubs in very large suburbs with very large Chamber of Commerce lists will pay up to $950.)
This is a joint Chicagoland Rotary District Program developed by D6450 Public Image Chair Hunter Byington and refined by Hunter and myself.  To learn more, open this 10-minute video   https://share.vidyard.com/watch/MTfvJk7CswCcpp78rSV7B2 – and click on the triangle.
We encourage a few clubs to join the Pilot and hope that resulting qualified member leads will be very gratifying and help expand your membership.  Contact me at: richard.brill.rotary@gmail.com.