District 6440 is renewing the very popular Public Image Grant Program for 2023-2024 to spur new marketing materials and spread the great Rotary name and logo.  About half of all clubs received grants last year and we hope more will now.
The Grant Program provides matching grants (up to $500 per club) for APPROVED new brochures, road signs, banners, inflatable signs, logo wear, Facebook/newspaper advertising, community fair signage and much more.  New this year is a reward for approved Membership Materials (half of what you spend, up to $650). See details on the grant application form. We want new positive marketing materials that bolster Rotary visibility in each community.
These new Rotary marketing materials can help your club gain positive visibility, recruit new members (a big District priority), strengthen your image and enhance community service projects. And our District could reduce your cost.
To understand and apply for grants, click here.