Jack Blane Challenge to Support The Rotary Foundation
PDG Jack Blane truly was passionate about helping Rotarians understand the power of working through The Rotary Foundation to benefit those in need.  When he passed away on February 19, 2018, he left behind a legacy of enormous financial support for TRF and many thousands of hours of work on behalf of PolioPlus.
Jack’s efforts as a Rotarian on behalf of ridding the world of polio took him to over 25 countries to work with clubs, districts and governments.  His first experience with this deadly disease had been as a youth at a Boy Scout camp where some friends became paralyzed from contracting polio and a few died.  At that time 1,000 young people a day were falling victim to polio worldwide.  In the past year, there were fewer than 35 cases of polio, and the virus remained endemic in only three countries. While the job is not done, we are truly “this close” in the “countdown to 0”.
Although Jack no longer is with us, his commitment to working through The Rotary Foundation is commemorated with this Jack Blane Challenge program to encourage club members throughout the district to become more supportive of TRF. 
The challenge is simple.  Any Rotarian who never has earned recognition as a Paul Harris Fellow can have his or her check for $500.00 that is made out to The Rotary Foundation matched with 500 points from Jack so that she or he receives the first Paul Harris Fellow pin.  If that Rotarian has made some prior contributions but has not yet reached the $1,000 level, then this new $500.00 plus Jack’s match will be the beginning of work towards the second level of PHF recognition.  Contributions can be for support of Annual Fund SHARE or of PolioPlus.
  1. Write a check for $500.00.  This can be done by one person or with a combination of club and personal contribution.  This must be a $500 contribution (no points will be accepted with the application).
  1. Send the check and the completed Paul Harris Fellow Recognition Transfer Request form to Erin Rams, District Administrator at:
Attn:  Jack Blane Match
Erin Rams
9536 Avers Avenue
Evanston, IL  60203
  1. The District has been gifted these points and once they are depleted, we may end the program.  If we do not have points available, you will be notified upon receipt of your application.