New Resources!
Resources include Rotary branded virtual backgrounds, a keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet for PC and Mac, and a link to a Harvard Business Review article on keys to running great virtual meetings. You can also find our Guide Using Zoom presentation. Other resources will be added as they are identified. 
While we are staying at home, why not visit other Rotary club virtual meetings. Here's a listing of when clubs are meeting and who to contact to get the Zoom link for their meetings.   
Looking for more help? Leave a comment on what you would like to see added here, and the District Virtual Meeting Committee will work to add it.
Hybrid Meetings
Click here for D6440's Hybrid Meeting Technical Tips.  For more detail, this video and very detailed discussion of Hybrid options, both from Zone 33, may be helpful
Virtual Backgrounds | Mac
See description box for time stamps and url links.
Create Your Free Zoom Account
Update Zoom on Your Computer | PC & Mac
Participating in a Zoom Poll
Rotary Club Virtual Meeting Resources
Our district's introductory "Guide to Using Zoom" can be viewed at Let's go Virtual- Guide to Using Zoom for Rotary Clubs.
Success Stories
Rotaract art event proves virtual fundraising can be fun
from Rotary Voices
Digital Trends of 2021: Using Tech to Engage Millennials
2020 Conference
Case studies begin at the 27:55 mark.
From The Rotarian
from Rotary Voices
from Rotary Voices
from Rotary Voices