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One of the five avenues of service for Rotarians, International Service involves activities of the club that promote world peace and cooperation among Rotarians. The general scope of International Service Advisor and Committee is to help clubs establish "twin club" arrangements with clubs in other countries and to assist where needed in any aspect involving international projects and exchanges.
There are two specific focus areas for the committee for this year. They are defined as follows:
International Service Projects: International Service projects are conducted by sponsoring or volunteering on international projects, seeking partners abroad, and more. The trips coordinated by the District are typically hands on with approximately 5 days set aside for physical work on the identified project. Typical Duration – 9 days including travel days.
Friendship Exchange: Participants experience other cultures and build friendships by staying in the homes of Rotary club members in another country.  This program advances international understanding and peace through personal contact across borders while developing interclub relationships that lead to fellowship and service projects. Typical duration – 8-14 days including travel days.
District International Service Trip
In the early morning hours of February 23, 2018, Rotarians participating in the District 6440 International Service trip departed O’Hare Airport, heading to Ak’ Tenamit in the jungles of eastern Guatemala.
District 6440 has had a long standing relationship with Ak’ Tenamit, which means "New Village' in the Q'eqchi' language, with both the District and Clubs within the District completing a number of projects at the site over the past several years. The school and health clinic are located in Eastern Guatemala on the Dulce River. The school includes grades 7 through 12 and there  are over  500 students enrolled in the program.
Friendship Exchanges
The District has a very aggressive goal in regard to Friendship Exchanges with other Rotary Districts. It is a phenomenal program that truly symbolizes the international nature of Rotary. The most successful Friendship Exchanges are those where a club or a few clubs join together and coordinate the facilitation of an exchange. The District will assist in swerving as a liaison with another District, help provide insight and logistical assistance. If you would like further information on the Rotary Friendship Exchange program, please contact Jim Wales at
Information on grants that can assist with International Service Projects can be found at
The International Service Advisor is Jim Wales who stands ready to help clubs with their international service projects. Contact him at for any assistance!